Huge Straight Dick

Categories: Amateur, Boyfriend, Hardcore, Muscle, Straight Guy

Tags: afraid, arms, bar, buddy, built, casting, chest, cock, couch, deed, dick, Friend, fun, guy, hot, huge, inch, invited, muscles, people, sexy, shirt, straight, talk, talking, tattooed, times, working

Description: Carson was working at a local bar when a friend and I spotted him bartending without his shirt on. He`s so built and hot, we were both a little apprehensive about talking to him. After we dared each other, my buddy did the deed and invited Carson onto my casting couch. Carson isn`t afraid to say that he`s been curious a few times in the past. And, with a huge 9 inch cock, I`m sure a few people have been curious about him too. Between his bulging muscles and tattooed arms and chest, this guy is as sexy as they get. He`s also really fun to talk to.


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